After we purchased our 1940 Cape Cod style home, we turned to Sabia Construction for the renovation. The scope of the project was a complete renovation of the 1st floor of the home with minor improvements to the 2nd floor and outdoor space We gutted the 1st floor, removing the original plaster that had been dry walled over, eliminating a major sag in the ceiling between floors and installing a new living room, kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, master bedroom, bath and closet. CJ did a wonderful job and we are so happy with our home. His subs were always friendly people who cared about the quality of their work as well as how happy we were with that work.

He did everything the right way, no cutting corners, no easy fixes. He made sure we were involved, informed, and educated. CJ walked us through every step of the planning process with meticulous attention to detail. With any project of this size, challenges with an old house will arise and CJ quickly addressed those issues to our satisfaction. We had meetings each week to review the timeline, budget, outstanding issues and upcoming work plans.

He came in right on schedule as promised and within budget. He was extremely patient with our many questions and he offers helpful suggestions, options and ideas. His prices reflect the quality of his team’s work. He is an awesome person to work with and generous in every way. We asked lots of questions and rather than taking those as a challenge to his expertise, he responds with humility and generosity and reassurance. We could not be more pleased with all he and his team have done for our home.

Jennifer and Chris W








We want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and patience in building our home.  You did an incredible job.  The house is beautiful and we love it!


Lori and Chris




We were extremely pleased with C.J.’s communication, attention to detail and commitment in following up and meeting our needs.


As an Engineer and now a Sr. Program Manager with a large Electrical Products manufacturer, I have both an overly critical eye for details and understand the challenges of planning, scheduling, executing projects and communicating with customers on delivering a product to meet their needs.  I can honestly say that C.J. met and exceeded our expectations.


Some specifics about C.J.:

  1. Easy to work with – my wife and I felt C.J. was approachable and listened to our needs

  2. Honest – gave us the true scoop on issues and perspectives

  3. Detail-oriented – C.J.’s pre-walk thrus really reduced the number of items we had to “discuss” during the formal walk-thrus.

  4. Results-oriented – Committed to getting the job done ASAP.  Didn’t hesitate to get on the phone to make something happen as we were speaking about an issue.

  5. Committed to follow up – our punch list action items were completed and I rarely had to follow up with C.J. with items we’d discussed

  6. Customer-oriented – we felt like C.J. was interested in our best interests


Building a house like this represents ad huge investment for us and have a building project manager like C.J. made the process that much easier.  We’d definitely welcome the opportunity to work with C.J. on our next house.


Scott and Jodi






C J, I thought I would drop you a line just to say how pleased Karen and I have been in regards to the attention you have given to the construction of our home.


We have purchased several new homes in different parts of the country. This house is our favorite due in great part to you. You have demonstrated knowledge and skill through the process that exceeds many standards. Your attention to detail is displayed simply by viewing the product that has been built.


We believe that because of your disposition in dealing with us we are confident that your dealings with your vendors in the manner in which you have dealt with us surely is what motivates them to excel to produce quality and not just the standard.  


Being a professional engineer I deal with situations that require great detail and accuracy. I have a trained eye to spot things others may overlook. I must say you have a quality that your employer must not overlook and that is, I believe your personal standard you have set for your self and that is “excellence”.


Karen and I are grateful that you were part of the team that built this home and we both wish you great success in your career.


Jerry and Karen







I have known C.J. approximately 2 years in the construction business.  He has an excellent knowledge of codes as well as practical experience in the construction business.  He has superior interpersonal.  He is well liked and respected by other construction industry peers.


My past working relationship with C.J. has always been favorable.  He conducts himself in a professional manner and seeks to do a good job.   It has been a pleasure to work with him the past two years.


Bennie M.

Building Inspector

Town of Nolensville







CJ made a great impression on us from the first time that we met with him. He was always there to offer valuable suggestions when we were unsure about a decision. He has great communication skills and always seemed to present everything in a way that was very easy to understand. His positive attitude and genuine interest in our opinions and concerns made for a fantastic experience. He was always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that we were ultimately happy with the finished product.


I can think of many examples that show his dedication to the satisfaction of his clients, but there is one that really sticks out in our minds. The first time that we met CJ he had to tell us that the granite countertop for our kitchen island had been cut too short. He was nice enough to stay until after 5:30 p.m. that night in order to give us a chance to make it to our house after work. He was extremely professional when handling the situation. He gave us our options, gave us the opportunity to talk through what would work best and offered his professional opinion, which helped us come to a decision. We could not be happier with the way our kitchen turned out. As a result of his suggestion, several other kitchen islands in our neighborhood were built the same way.


CJ was such a pleasure to work with on the construction of our new home. His professionalism and commitment to our overall happiness was evident throughout the entire process. CJ would be a tremendous asset for any company and has our highest recommendation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Matt & Anna Lora







C.J. was easy to work with.  His workmanship was excellent.  He communicated well.  He stayed within budget.  He was flexible and easy to get in touch with.  He explained options and the process well.  He earned my trust very quickly.  The overall work exceeded my expectations.








C.J. Sabia was great to work with and made sure we were pleased with each phase of the construction.  It was evident from the start he took tremendous ownership and pride in his work from start to finish.  He kept us informed and up-to-date during the construction process and made sure we were happy with how the house was being built.  We knew our new home was going to be awesome, as we got closer to our closing date.  His attention to detail and desire to please us was overwhelming!


Jeff and Beth







C.J. Built us a GREAT house!  He was always on time and very precise.  We loved that about him!  We would love to work with him again.


Rodger and Tina





My wife and I wanted to take this time to say we sincerely appreciate the unique way as well as the professional way you have assisted us in the project of our home.  The assistance and support you provided for us during the building of our new home was superb.  You pleasant attitude and disposition helped us to fell confident in that our wishes were respected.  Your skills in building and overseeing our project were excellent.  We found your leadership to be outstanding.


Dr. Edward and Jaqueline







C.J. is a first class contractor and individual.  I cannot say enough about his work ethic, character, and the product he produces.  I have had great a experience working with him.  I work with a lot of contractors in my line of work and it’s hard to find ones that care as much or are as diligent as C.J.