Sabia Construction is a client-oriented, quality-driven custom homebuilding and remodeling firm based in Nashville, TN.  The firm is named after it’s principal, C.J. Sabia, because, to C.J. Sabia, his business is very personal, both in his love for what he does and in his relationships with his clients.  


Sabia Construction’s approach is different than many others'.  Our clients' projects are not "another transaction".  Our goal is to make the clients, their vision, and their goals the priority - to discover and realize the design AND functionality that both the clients and the house needs.  Building a new home, remodeling, or building an addition onto one’s existing residence can easily be a challenging process.  With that in mind, Sabia Construction’s approach to any project focuses on the following objectives:


  1. Simplify the process for the client

  2. AUTHENTICITY!  Encourage discovery in the design process - don't settle for the same fixtures and combinations.  Leave no stone unturned - EVERY PROJECT AND CLIENT IS DIFFERENT - APPRECIATE THAT AND THE PROJECT TRULY BECOMES THEIRS!

  3. Keep our clients engaged.  Keep it fun.  Keep it exciting.  

  4. For our clients to leave nothing on the table – no regrets.

  5. Deliver on or exceed expectations regarding quality, design, thoroughness, customer service, schedule, project cost.

  6. Build it like it is for our own family.


There are many builders in Nashville from which to choose.  How does one choose the construction company with which they will partner for the foreseeable future and entrust with their personal capital and time? 


If you are looking to build or remodel your home, you should talk with companies who specialize in working with clients from conception through completion, not just with a set of plans.  You should seek a company who will stand behind their work and remain 100% transparent throughout the entire process and long after.


Sabia Construction works with the best vendors and subcontractors in Middle Tennessee – those whose standards match our own.


Sabia Construction has also worked with many of Nashville’s best Architects, Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers, and Interior Designers and is ready to help you find the right fit for your home’s Dream Team.